What is Storymore?

Storymore is an audio drama streaming service that offers unlimited access, for a monthly subscription fee, to its library of audio dramas that are curated and categorized by genre for easy selections and listening.  It's just like Netflix but for audio dramas only.

How much is it per month?

Our Storymore service is only $6.99/month and offers the best value for one of the lowest prices in the streaming entertainment industry today.

Do you have any other tiers of service or plans?

No, not at this time.  We offer unlimited streaming access for only one low price of $6.99 a month.

Is this an audiobook streaming service?

No, it's not.  Audiobooks are basically defined as written books which are narrated by a reader.  So audiobook productions do add some sound effects and possibly background music, however, the entire production is a monologue and the enhancements are few and far between.  Storymore provides a full cast of talented actors voicing a story with sound effects, real-world environments ambiance, and background cinematic music scoring.  It's just like watching a great movie with the highest quality sound design, but just hearing it with your ears. 

Will you ever offer audiobooks?

Possibly in the future.  We want to provide an entertaining experience for as many listeners as possible and for those who really enjoy audiobooks with the best, most animated narrators, we may add a category of curated audiobooks soon after we have gathered enough interest to justify the addition.  

Are there ratings for Storymore content?

EVERY production, including licensed content, is subject to review by our Megaleio Media Internal Ratings Council and a 'rating audio slate' will play at the beginning of every production and the rating will also be noted on the story description panel.

Are there parental controls on Storymore?

Storymore will have a separate kids category and will allow parents to remain worry-free regarding the content that their children are enjoying on our platform.  The Storymore 'Mainstream' is currently in production and we intend to offer an option for adults to protect certain titles from being selected, certain rating levels from being accessed and even the entire mainstream wing of the platform.   These features are being adjusted to balance parental control with a simple user interface design.  

Will you offer term subscription plans or discounts?

For general audiences, Storymore will remain a month by month service to be offered at the regular price of $6.99 a month.  Once the service launches there will be no advanced purchases of terms subscriptions such as 6 month or annual subscription plans.  However, prior to launch, you can purchase advance subscription plans with a significant discount for several term tiers including 90 days, 6 months, 1 year, and even a LIFETIME subscription.  Click here to secure your subscription, with savings, TODAY!

Are there any term committments or contracts?

Absolutely NOT!  We offer a month to month service of which YOU CAN CANCEL ANYTIME without penalty.  Upon cancellation, you will be able to enjoy the remaining month of service and not be charged again until you re-activate your account. 

Is this service ad-free?

We do not post any advertisements in the user interface, block your screen with pop-up box ads, send emails with banner ads framing our content nor do we clutter our website with any sponsors advertisements.  We want our listeners to simply enjoy the experience they are subscribing to in a clean, easy to navigate interface. 


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Our NEWEST flagship product, Storymore, is currently being designed and developed to meet a growing need in a transitioning world.  Many people love to hear a good story but when the opportunity presences itself to put on earphones and 'listen', the only options are music or separately purchased audio dramas (of the minimal options there are on the market today).  


As with all of our products, we seek to solve a problem, meet a need or provide innovation in an industry of trend following companies.  We want to be the first and only choice for intuitive design and creative thinking where Mobile applications are concerned.  We know this product is meeting a need for those that want to power through a workout, make that commute more entertaining or enjoy a cup of coffee in their favorite chair while letting their minds visualize a world where our audio is providing an engaging canvas.   


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